InsideScan for macOS and Windows
Download a Full Package containing the latest version of the plug-ins for both macOS and Windows, test database and reference manual
InsideScan 3.6.1 for macOS
Download 64 bit plug-in for macOS 10.11 or newer
InsideScan 3.5.6 for macOS
Download 32/64 bit plug-in version 3.5.6 if you need to work with 32-bit TWAIN drivers on macOS older than 10.14.5.
InsideScan 3.5 for Windows
Download 32 bit plug-in or 64 bit plug-in for Windows 7 SP 1 or newer
Misc Stuff
Download Reference Manual for plug-in's external functions
Download Test Database, a very simple FileMaker database to test InsideScan features

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